Hi, I’m Jonny Sadler – a social media and digital marketing consultant.

Brand Positive is my approach to marketing – driving positive interactions between brands and consumers in the connected social environment.

In creating social content, campaigns and web platforms with this approach, audiences are entertained and engaged to take action and build advocacy.

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Pepsi unites the world in its latest advert!

All PR is good PR right? I’m not sure this is… or that it will increase Pepsi consumption.   Pepsi has succeeded in uniting the world… but not in the way it wanted. The global brand’s latest advert, posted to YouTube on Tuesday featuring Kendall Jenner, sees attractive young people holding protest signs with generic pleas…

Three mobile trends for 2017 from Adobe.

Antoine Barbier, the director of product management at Adobe, just posted his big three trends for mobile in 2017. View here on Campaign. App usage declining, one-to-one messaging becoming even more important and location data being utilised better. Here’s my two pence: 1. App usage growth is declining, too many are built with an unsustainable plan…

Vice: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

Quick post this: one of my favourite articles and I’ve been sharing it with everyone. It’s an intriguing read over on Vice about the audience targeting behind the Trump and Leave EU campaigns, employing Facebook advertising to deliver specific messages to specific audiences based upon behavioural understanding of each individual. Click here to read it on…